Player Ambassador Onboarding

1. Please watch this short video below. It will outline the ambassador program and what you'll be expected to do.

As promised, my email is and my cell is (608) 770-3537. 

2. Get to know MTB. Explore the website, check out our recent stories in the news, and especially get to know the content of the graphic below.


Many minor league ballplayers are currently forced to locate and pay for their own housing during the season. More Than Baseball assists players finding an affordable, high-quality place to live--whether with a host family or in an apartment.


Players require optimal nutrition to perform at their best. More Than Baseball provides all minor leaguers with discounted meals, snacks, and supplements to fuel them throughout the season.


Many minor leaguers have to buy their own bats, batting gloves, fielding gloves, and cleats during the season. More Than Baseball has a 25% site-wide discount with All Pro Sports available to every minor leaguer.

Life After Baseball

While every ballplayer wants to make it to the bigs, for many, that dream never becomes a reality. For every player who wants to be prepared when their journey comes to an end, MTB has trained professional development staff available to all minor leaguers for free to help them plan their next steps.

3. Post the picture below to your instagram story and tag @mtb_org 

MTB Ambassador Story Post.png

4. Give me a call (608) 770-3537 and let's get you rolling! Welcome to the family.

Other Assistance

Beyond the services listed here, we also have a partnership with ProCapita Wealth Management to provide financial advising and education to all minor league players, lawyers available to help with any legal questions players might have, and a network of experts in strength and conditioning, nutrition, and mental skills. All of these services are ALWAYS free for minor league players.


More Than Baseball is made by players, for players. We understand that the offseason can be the toughest time of all. That's why we're committed to ensuring every player has a place to train, the equipment they need, and the food and housing they need to make gains in their offseason.

Financial Assistance

Every player deserves a little more than the meager salary they get from playing ball. More Than Baseball is currently working on fundraising for a player stipend program that would provide all players in need with a financial boost during this tough time.

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