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Sea MÁS que un jugador de béisbol

Nos estamos preparando para lanzar el programa oficial de educación profesional More Than Baseball. Tendremos soporte de servicio completo disponible para todos los jugadores que deseen regresar al aula.

El programa incluirá:

  • Orientación personal para programas de pregrado y posgrado.

  • Asistencia con las aplicaciones

  • Un programa de ESL

  • Oportunidades de colocación laboral

  • Reuniones individuales con entrenadores profesionales

  • Oportunidades de empleo exclusivas y centradas en el atleta

¡Únase al Portal del jugador o envíe un correo electrónico a para obtener más información!

Less than 15% of Minor Leaguers have a college degree.
We're here to change that.

The Background

Each year, nearly 1,000 minor league baseball players will walk away from baseball for good. With little work experience and minimal educational background, many of these players have nowhere to turn after their careers.

While some minor league baseball players have access to Continuing Education Program funds through their contract signed coming out of the draft, these funds are not universally accessible, nor are they common for players with smaller signing bonuses or players signing as international free agents. Given that the wealthiest players are the ones best served by the MLB CEP program, our program will include a need-based component to ensure scholarships are going to those who need them most.

The Process

We will work with all 30 MLB team educational coordinators to distribute the scholarship application to all current and former minor league ballplayers.


The Application Form Layout:

  • Prospective schools

  • Degree/certificate/license of interest

  • Education and career goals

  • Financial background

  • Two short essays

Each scholarship application will be reviewed by a committee of evaluators made up of More Than Baseball program staff and board members. Each application will require unanimous approval to receive a scholarship. Scholarship amounts will be determined on a case-by-case basis based on need, quality of application, and school/program.

The Support

When we first started the More Than Baseball organization, one of our biggest missions and goals was establishing a educational background for players in every level. We need support from you, our friends, family, and fans, to get things in motion. 

To provide a $2,500 scholarship to all 100+ players that have sought out educational assistance, we would need to raise over $250,000. Our initial goal is $100,000 in ongoing commitments on a year-to-year basis. Anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated.

We are also interested in any donors that would like to have a scholarship in their name. Donors interested in naming a scholarship may do so by committing at least $25,000 annually to the fund.If you are interested in giving on this level, please send an email to

Estamos ayudando a nuestros jugadores a regresar a la escuela en 2021. ¿Está interesado en continuar su viaje educativo? Obtenga más información aquí .

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